„Those who do not organise themselves, advance the furnishings of chaos.“

Peter E. Schumacher

Organisation and Processes

Crucial: Establishment of organisation

From ranged thinking to customer related process 

All activities of a company must be aligned according to the customer needs and desires. This means that marketing, sales, and service activities are difficult to separate from each other. In many existing corporate structures they are separated from one another, but with more or less the same required activities. Leadership and culture are two important factors influencing customer focus. Functioning management and control systems will give away a lot of potential, rather than an entirely customer-focused process. Therefore, the positive and stringent combination of marketing, sales, and services of an organisation plays a key role and is indispensable.

Our approach: Customer Related Organisation & Processes

In order to stably secure market and customer management in an organisation, we have developed a proven approach: Customer Related Organisation & Processes, or CROP for short. With this approach, we consider all relevant aspects of market and customer management in an organisation and create necessary processes – the needs of customers and markets at a glance. We provide a decisive, competitive advantage – by enabling you to tailor your business to your customers' needs and support your business with effective processes and technologies.

We help you ...

  • to assess with our degree of maturity where you stand and how you want to secure your customer focus in the customer process
  • to develop a target image for your customer-oriented organisation, to identify areas of activity, and to define and implement a roadmap
  • to mould, coordinate, and optimize your sales, marketing, and service organisation
  • to establish adequate customer, sales, or service culture in your company
  • to increase the power of distribution and to build a better relationship with customers and partners