"The natural logic of our approach ensures a high degree of          acceptance among users.”

Our philosophy

Each of our projects follows the basic logic of the decision-making process.

We support companies on their way to optimum decision-making and corporate management. In order to accomplish this we use a process model based on the fundamental stages of the decision-making process:
Understand – Design – Decide – Act – Review.
All conscious decision-making goes through these stages, whether in business, career planning, or perusing the menu at a restaurant. This easy-to-follow and extremely agile process model helps us achieve maximum acceptance in the client team.

Our process model:


  • Our customers are unique. Their history, shareholders, management, employees, processes and structures, products, and services form an established system in the market.
  • Unique situations need unique solutions. Making and successfully implementing the right decisions requires a custom-tailored system for supporting those decisions.
  • Tailored solutions require thorough understanding. We ask numerous of questions about the issues and look closely and critically at the external and internal factors influencing success, the mechanics of our client’s business, and the client’s existing management tools – and we use this information to craft a custom-tailored management system for achieving competitive advantages.


  • Innovative, creative, unusual. We leave the beaten path. New perspectives, points of view, and best practices from other clients allow us to better use and evaluate new information.
  • Straightforward, well-founded, exact. A professional and technical framework concept, including functional specifications, serves as the basis for selecting the appropriate software, and as the guideline for a consistent, successful project. 
  • Understandable, feasible, sustainable. We involve decision-makers and users at an early stage in the design. 


  • The best alternative. Together, we explore alternative solutions by reviewing the consequences of different choices, in some cases with the help of simulations.
  • The right path. We are consistently at your side to help you select the best path and to develop a system-based prototype.
  • The best of the best. We bring our experience from more than 300 business intelligence projects to bear when selecting tools and partners.


  • Methodical: Joint operationalization of objectives and implementation of measures and activities in the form of projects and project clusters.
  • Integrative: Joint development of an application in the form of an operational BI system with reliable integration into the full system landscape.
  • Ready-to-use: Developer and user training seminars guarantee comprehension of the application, mastery of all analysis functions and immediate use of the system.


    • Monitor: Continuous monitoring of the application for effectiveness and efficiency.
    • Check: Review of the decision premises and goals.
    • Correct: Proposal and introduction of corrective measures.