„Real choices are only made between real alternatives.“

About us

Decidedly better. Better decisions.

HENDRICKS, ROST & CIE. is a consulting firm focusing on management and upper-level management. We support our clients with concepts and solutions for improved decision-making and optimum corporate management. We work with top-of-the-line business intelligence and performance management products from reputable manufacturers such as Microsoft and IBM.

We promote open communication.

Our years of experience in strategy and implementation ensure successful projects with tangible added value. You can expect exceptional consulting from us thanks to an outstanding combination of managerial, technical, and human competence. We achieve optimum acceptance among users through our agile process model. We say what we think. We are reliable and trustworthy. We are focused and driven by one goal: achieving the best solution for your business.

Success is making ourselves dispensable.

We train the client’s teams to use and continue developing the implemented solutions without further assistance. By the end of the project our work is finished. No inevitable follow-ups. No “eternal consulting.” We will gladly further recommend our services, but only for other projects.