„Technology is the effort to spare efforts.“

Baltasar Gracián y Morales


Support: In the centre lies the customer relationship, not the tool.

Adoption of CRM-Systems is often related to disappointed expectations

Information and telecommunications technology determines our everyday lives. Effective communication within a business environment is hardly imaginable without email, electronic data exchange, online portals, increasingly cloud-based applications, messaging, and social media. However, in many cases CRM systems do not deliver their expected benefits. The result of complex, lengthy, and costly projects is often only an additional sales management or "address management" system.

A system is only sensible, if its processes are supported

An overarching focus on the customer through assisting the customer-oriented processes in the company is often absent. However, a system is only useful if it is consistently focused on customer-oriented work and communication processes.

Another challenge is to internally harmonize the customer-related data so that it provides an overall picture of the customer ("one face of the customer"), and be used to further optimize the supply and communication lines at all touch points. The focus is the customer relationship, not the tool!

Individual Roadmap for implementation

We support you with our process model, which was developed by us with target goals in mind and has been proven successful in many projects. The technologies we use are incremental and we introduce them gradually in order to generate quick successes with a high user acceptance rate. We always keep the big picture in mind. To this end, together with you, we develop a customized roadmap for your business’s implementation of powerful CRM functions for your market and customer management.

We help you ...

  • to evaluate your current system landscape in terms of ways to support customer-oriented processes and to develop a shared objective
  • to adapt your IT systems to your customer-oriented processes
  • to identify where existing systems can be optimized with relatively little effort, and to decide where the introduction of a new tool may be more useful than the optimization of an existing system
  • to select and implement new, modern tools for CRM, as well as upstream and downstream interfaces
  • to guide the user in your organisation through the implementation process and training, so that they are prepared to carry out customer-oriented processes for everyday use