„They who want to work with other people must first speak their language.“

Kurt Tucholsky

Customer contact and dialog

Understand and delight your customers at all touch points.

Meet customers early for more room to manoeuvre 

To establish successful market and customer management, companies need to pick up customers as early as possible in the purchase process - ideally before the customer has publically its released needs. This way, one still has leeway to find a good solution for the customer, and be rewarded accordingly.

Valuable information about the Customer Journey

The Internet and the digitization of communication channels play strongly into the hands of businesses. While the customer provides valuable information about the procurement market, businesses receive transparency of its markets. The company can analyse each point of contact between the customer and the brand along the pre-sales, sales, and after-sales processes, and identify the needs of customers in the individual phases.

Happy customers are loyal customers

As a part of Customer Experience Management (CEM), the business develops measures that it is excited about and tethers the customer to them at all customer touch points. A business that is supported by modern dialogue marketing can appeal to nuanced customers. Necessary customer data is often already available in the company, and optimizing system utilization may enhance this treasure.

We help you ... 

  • to find out how your typical customer would like to undergo the customer journey, and what needs you can satisfy at particular customer touch points
  • to synchronize the needs of your customers and your products for all customer touch points
  • to professionalize your feedback and complaint management, thus improving the customer experience with your company
  • to define which tasks and information requirements need to be met within the company at relevant customer touch points
  • to define meaningful marketing activities, thus increasing the ROI of your marketing campaigns