„The sale of a car is not the end of a transaction, but the beginning of a relationship.“
Henry Ford

Customer acquisition and loyality

Customer acquisition and loyalty: the right channel with the right communication.

Nothing is worse than to lose a recoverable customer

To secure sales, profitability, and competitiveness, an organisation needs to focus on winning new customers while retaining existing customers. We need to avoid having existing customers migrate away - attracting new customers is often time-consuming and more costly than maintaining existing customers.

Brand communication, targeted product advertising, mailings, and trade fairs generate leads. Already the knowledge of customers’ needs and desires is essential. Specific marketing and sales activities can be coordinated by knowing the customer’s contact paths and their needs and requirements at these points.

Communication and distribution channels must be geared towards each other

The process of customer acquisition and customer retention passes through different phases - at every stage it is important to use the correct channel with the right communication. Whether a customer prefers personal contact, product information via the Internet, or an Internet-based dialogue, communication channels should be independent of individual department interests in an organisation. Because many companies use several parallel communication and distribution channels, which are often not optimal, many access points are lost into the void or may miss, confuse, or annoy the customer.

We help you ...

  • to determine the customer’s lifetime value, so you can achieve the most potential revenue or profit with a customer over the entire customer relationship
  • to design purposeful, addressed concepts for individual segments
  • to develop a customer contact strategy that determines which customer segments should be tackled through which channels, how often, and which offers are the most relevant
  • to build a 360-degree view of the customer to improve both sales and service to that customer
  • to optimize your campaign planning based on developed target groups and addressed concepts