“If you have seen the good of a thing, you are entitled to pass judgment on the bad.”

Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller

Areas of Expertise - overview

Customer satisfaction is the nerve centre of entrepreneurial life.

Consistently customer centred and process oriented.

For the successful management of a company, the central processes – regarding the customer and the product or service sold to them – must be properly coordinated. Therefore, it is critical to structure the processes with this maxim in mind. Only if we succeed in the best possible implementation of all procedures and processes, to the complete satisfaction of the customer, can a company increase its value. Customer-oriented processes that are better developed and have more sustainable performance increase a company’s value.

Market and Customer management and management control belong together.

Coordinating all of the customer’s business processes – that is the task of Market and Customer management. Recognizing both external and internal opportunities and risks, and assessing and developing different measures to improve performance and shareholder value – that is the task of Corporate management. Both concepts are inseparable; and in both, we support you.

Know what happens.

As highly experienced process consultants, we have the big picture in mind: the overall system with its many individual components and processes – for instance, implementing a customized IT application that is liked and gladly adopted by its users. Our goal as implementation consultants is to anticipate the effects of different actions and to accompany you through all phases. We rely on agile methods, because one’s own path only arises when walking.

We help you...

  • to build your corporate management based on sound facts and real-time information
  • to connect customer-oriented processes and organizational design with aspects of corporate management, and how much management decisions influence the customer relationship
  • to keep customers in mind with relevance to the profitability and performance of your business
  • to build relevant Know-how in your organization so that you can understand subjects and tackle them yourself