"Entscheidungswege" conference

Our Inspiration: Your Decision Making.

Genuine interest always goes beyond what is required. We benefit — along with our customers — from joint projects based on individual experience and knowledge. We intend to share this experience and knowledge with you, and invite you once per year to our Entscheidungswege conference in Düsseldorf. You can chat with us, as well as other interested parties, about current controlling trends, experience with BI tools, and successful project management strategies.


Digitization. Understanding and experiencing.



Be smart – go Cloud!

Wenn Sie heute eine neue betriebliche Anwendung auswählen wollen, werden Sie sich in einzelnen Bereichen schwertun, noch klassische On-Premise-Lösungen zu finden. Längst haben die Softwarehersteller begonnen, die Vorteile ihrer Cloud-basierten Lösungen sehr deutlich herauszustellen. Doch liegt der Nutzen der Cloud nicht nur beim Anbieter, auch unseren Kunden bieten sich viele Vorteile.

In einer spannenden Podiumsdiskussion beleuchteten wir sowohl die Potenziale und Herausforderungen von Cloud-Computing, als auch den Entwicklungsstand namhafter Unternehmen auf ihrem Weg in die Cloud. Es unterstützen uns Führungskräfte und Cloud-Experten der DARZ GmbH, der Jedox AG, der ABLE Management Services GmbH und der AutoVision – Der Personaldienstleister GmbH & Co. OHG.

Wir danken allen Referenten und Gästen für den lebhaften Austausch! 


We think 'Digitization' is an abstract term and that's why we would like to present you some concrete practical examples of our customers. You will get to know what exactly is behind the term 'digitization', what are the major challenges and of course where to find the hidden potentials.

Among other things we will show you how to reduce process costs in the reporting system and how to optimize the automated control of call centers. Based on our experience in business process optimization we developed a model by which we can systematically register, describe and evaluate all approaches of a digitization. We would like to introduce you to this model and to our details of our work.

So, be our guests at the 'Entscheidungswege' conference in 2018 and get to know some examples of digitized processes of well-known companies. The Volkswagen Group Services GmbH, the B.Braun Melsungen AG, the PRIMAVERA LIFE GmbH and some other enterprises will show up and demonstrate their best practices, their challenges and their new findings on their way towards digitization.

In an entertaining and varied panel discussion we propose to consider some different aspects and to deepen the conversations in some open space workshops.

Please take a look at our agenda and save the date. We are looking forward to seeing you:


On Friday, the 21st of September 2018, from 12:00 pm - 19.00 pm
at the Wirtschaftsclub Düsseldorf, Blumenstraße 14, 40212 Düsseldorf 

Following the 'Entscheidungswege' conference, we invite you to a social Late Summer Party in our offices at Cecilienallee 66, in Düsseldorf.

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