Integrated corporate planning

Driver-oriented planning is the first step – from effectiveness to efficiency.

An integrated approach to corporate planning has become standard; however, there is no reason to stop there in the quest to become more efficient. The future lies in driver-oriented planning.

Driver-oriented planning creates more insight with less effort. It speeds up the planning process and shortens planning periods, increasing forecast quality as a result.

Driver-oriented planning

Your benefits:

  • Faster: Acceleration of the planning process through reduction of workload
  • More transparent: Multiple planning variants for better understanding of causal relationships
  • Better planning: Increased forecast quality as a result of shorter planning periods

Our approach:

  • Horizontal integration: Planning is based on controllable drivers and evaluable targets that include the essential building blocks of successful income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.
  • Vertical integration: Sub-plans are vertically integrated into the planning model so that any adjustment in the details is simultaneously reflected in all key figures that rely on this information.
  • Simulation: Underlying assumptions are documented and evaluated by simulations. Their impact is thus also visualized, both in long- and medium-term scenarios as well as in operational plans.
  • Supporting functions: Support for the planning process via appropriate, individually configured system components, e.g. delivery and commenting functions and completion and interim result monitors.