„What we know is a drop; what we do not know, an Ocean.“

Isaac Newton

Market and Customer analysis

If companies are knowledgeable, they may already know everything.

Get to know your customers

Only customer-oriented companies manage to compete. "One face of the customer": That is the goal of market and customer analyses. How can data capture and analysis help you to find out more about your customers?

Listening to the market

Modern technologies allow companies to collect more and more data about the market and customer behaviour and find answers to questions about marketing and distribution. So far, this potential remains largely uncultivated and is not used for the benefit of the customer and the company. Data alone does not provide knowledge, and is unusable unless converted into relevant information. Only when your data provides answers to the following questions can it produce added value:

  • Which customers have additional potential, and how can that be expanded upon in the context of cross- or up selling?
  • Which customers are likely to migrate away, and what preventive measures should be used?
  • What products and services meet consumers' needs, and what exactly are the purchasing decision criteria?
  • Which customers have development or even recommendation potential, and should they get special attention with loyalty measures?

We help you ...

  • to make customer segment-specific analysis
  • to gain valuable information about the segmentation of customers from customer-related data
  • to derive policy-packages for an individualized customer approach
  • to expand existing analysis or analysis systems
  • to integrate customer value based control in all customer-related processes