„The most important point of you in a business is the customer.“

David Henzmann

Market and Customer Management

Successful customer relationships: the livelihood of every company.

The power of the customer 

The customer is now more informed than ever through the internet: they find fitting business offers and useful recommendations from other customers - to which they put more faith in than advertising messages from companies. This gives customers ever-increasing control over developing their own needs. At the same time, companies can – through appropriate technologies – provide customers with all of their requirements and needs while becoming acquainted with them, and developing a close relationship. 

Challenge customer focus

Nevertheless, customer focus remains a challenge for companies: you must to rethink their internal structures and processes or reorganize the customer - using their tools effectively.

Secure customer focus in your business 

It is necessary to implement effective processes and to support them with intelligent technologies. We have developed a proven approach: Customer Related Organisation & Processes = CROP.

Through detailed objectives and optimization approaches we always look at the overall context of organisation, processes, and IT. CROP puts you in a position to truly meet the needs of your customers - and gives your business a unique perspective into the minds of your customers.

We help you …

  • to define customer-oriented strategies and goals of your company
  • to align the organisation of-  and processes in marketing, sales, and services to the customer and to assist with intelligent systems
  • to analyse the behaviour, needs, and expectations of your customers
  • to establish a Customer Relationship Management system that earns its name by producing a positive connection between marketing, sales, services, and the customer
  • to define multi-channel strategies and to focus the customer-directed processes across all customer contact channels