“Many are stubborn in regard to the path taken, but few in regard to the goal.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Measures controlling

Avoid bad investments, increase transparency, and enhance acceptance with individual measures controlling.

A variety of activities are initiated in order to achieve concrete business objectives; e.g. the development of new sales regions, investment in new production facilities, or outsourcing of IT.

Individual measures controlling makes the effects of these measures transparent in all stages of a project: prior to implementation, during implementation, and in particular in the productivity phase once the actual project is complete. You minimize bad investments, increase transparency, and enhance acceptance.

Individual measures controlling

Your benefits:

  • Minimization of bad investments
  • Greater transparency of the project portfolio, project progress, and realization of promised benefits
  • Targeted use of resources, in particular for project managers
  • Documentation for internal and external stakeholders (compliance)
  • Integration in the corporate planning process
  • Increased acceptance among those affected and those involved through a uniform communications basis

Our approach:

  • Compilation of a catalog of measures 
  • Design and technical implemantation of individual measures controlling models
  • Mapping the actual impact of measures on the company’s key financial indicators
  • Embedding the solution into the forecasting and planning model
  • Weighing the costs and benefits of each measure and of groups of measures
  • Concentration and analyses of measure packages in scenarios, thereby connecting the solution to a risk management system